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Overseas training: 39 undergraduates from our college went to Mahidol University in Thailand for exchange and study


In order to open up international perspectives, improve international cooperation and communication capabilities, and create open, composite first-class talents based on China, with a global mindset, and innovative and entrepreneurial energies, with the support of schools and colleges, 39 undergraduates of our college went to Mahidol University in Thailand to exchange and study in 2018 from December 13th to 26th.


At the meeting, Prof. Chanuantong Tanasugarn and Deputy Dean, Professor Mathuros Tipayamongkholgul, introduced the situation of Mahidol University and the School of Public Health, and extended a warm welcome to the representatives of our school.

(Group photo of teachers and students of our school and staff of School of Public Health, Mahidol University)

(The picture shows the scene of the meeting)


During the exchange study, under the leadership of the teachers and students of Mahidol University, the representatives of the teachers and students of our school visited the National Animal Experiment Center of Mahidol University and had a preliminary understanding of their daily work. They conducted in-depth exchanges. During the visit to the Royal Jubilee Medical Center and Siriraj Hospital, the students discussed the integration of traditional medicine such as Thai medicine with modern medicine. During their visit to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the students learned that their The "Tri-power" strategy combines social mobilization, policies and systems and professional knowledge to achieve the purpose of promoting the sustainable development of the Thai people in four aspects: physical, mental, social and spiritual. Mahidol University has provided corresponding courses. Our teachers and students learned about the Thai health system, occupational health, and public health leadership. The students were full of emotion and concentration in the classroom. They actively interacted with the instructors and showed strong interest.

(Visit to National Animal Experiment Center of Mahidol University)

(Group photo after visiting the History Museum of Mahidol University)

(Visit the exhibition room of the Sireeruckachati Natural Park)


At the same time, during this training, our teachers and students also visited the Grand Palace, experienced the long history of Thailand, learned Thai printing and dyeing techniques in the community, and experienced the Thai customs at the Ratchada Train Night Market, studied the cultivation and production of traditional Thai herbs in the natural park and further deepened understanding and knowledgement of Thai culture. These precious experiences have left wonderful memories for the students, and the way of seeing the world from different perspectives has painted an important life experience for them.

(The picture shows our college students participating in community learning)


In the end, the representatives of our hospital reported the experience of the exchange and study in Thailand in five groups, and discussed with the teachers and students of Mahidol University about the Sino-Thai health system, medical insurance system, traditional nutrition, and operation of experimental animal centers. It shows the good spirit of our college students who are forging ahead and being eager to learn.

(The picture shows the report from our student representative group)


Mahidol University is the oldest higher education institution in Thailand. It was founded in 1888 and enjoys a good reputation in the fields of medicine, public health and natural sciences. In the only university ranking conducted by the Ministry of Education to date, its teaching level and research capabilities Both ranked first. Over the years, Mahidol University upholds the spirit of applying what it has learned and the feelings of benefiting the country and the people, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for Thailand. This exchange provided the public health students of our school with an opportunity to understand the Thai health system and appreciate the charm of Thai culture, strengthened the academic connection between Sichuan University and Mahidol University, deepened the friendship between teachers and students of China and Thailand, and furthered Deepening cooperation provides an opportunity.