About Us

Sichuan University West China College of Public Health/West China Fourth Hospital is one of the most famous public health colleges in China and the only tertiary Grade A occupational disease specialized hospital among the 44 affiliated hospitals of the National Health Commission. In 2011, in accordance with the spirit of joint construction between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, as well as the school's instructions on "hospital hospital hospital integration", the college and hospital implemented a deep integration of "hospital hospital hospital integration", and deeply implemented the important deployment of "promoting the construction of a healthy China", "innovating the mechanism of medical prevention coordination and integration, and improving the public health system" proposed in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The college actively explored new development models of West China Public Health/West China Fourth Hospital, and innovated the integration of medical prevention Integration of medical education Integration of industry and education "System and mechanism, take multiple measures and take multiple measures to promote the coordinated development of medicine, prevention, teaching, research and management, strengthen the deep integration of industry, education and research, share the development achievements, focus on improving the level of medical services, continue to promote the modernization of the college/hospital governance system and governance capacity, and create a new benchmark for the integration of medicine and prevention in China. In recent years, it has been awarded the National Advanced Collective in Medical and Health System, Sichuan Advanced Collective in Poverty Alleviation, and Sichuan Province in the fight against COVID-19 Honors include Advanced Collective in Emotion, Pioneer Worker in Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction of Homestead, Sichuan May Day Labor Award, Sichuan Provincial Advanced Collective in Health Emergency Response, and Sichuan Provincial Advanced Collective in Radiological Health.

The college/hospital always adheres to the development strategy of "leading by party building, establishing a hospital for medical prevention, revitalizing the hospital through science and education, and strengthening the hospital through talent", adheres to the principle of "student-centered medical education, patient-centered medical services, and employee centered management services", and leads the high-quality development of the cause with high-quality party building. At present, there are postdoctoral mobile stations, 1 doctoral degree granting site in the first level discipline of public health and preventive medicine, 9 doctoral degree granting sites in the second level discipline, and 11 master's degree granting sites in the second level discipline. Nutrition and Food Hygiene is a national key discipline, while Occupational Disease is a national clinical key specialty. Labor Health and Environmental Hygiene, Social Medicine and Health Management, Health Laboratory, Palliative Medicine, and Health Promotion and Health Education are provincial key disciplines. In 2020, our hospital was approved as the "Innovative Project for Cultivating High Level Applied Public Health Talents", one of the 10 approved units nationwide, and was incorporated into the construction unit of the selected high-level public health college. In the 2022 "Ranking of Chinese Universities in Soft Science", our hospital's food hygiene and nutrition, as well as hygiene inspection and quarantine, are classified as A+level majors.

The research and experimental platform of the college/hospital covers an area of over 4000 square meters, with equipment value exceeding 70 million yuan, supporting 2 key laboratories and 1 Class A laboratory of the Health Commission. There are currently 34 doctoral supervisors and 80 master's supervisors, and one magazine titled 'Modern Preventive Medicine' has been published. Our college has 9 candidates for the national high-level talent program, 9 candidates for the Sichuan Provincial high-level talent program, 6 candidates for the "Double Hundred Talent Project" of Sichuan University, and 12 academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates in Sichuan Province. In the past twenty years, our institute has established over 1500 scientific research projects at all levels and various types, with over 100 scientific research achievements winning awards at all levels, including more than 50 national and provincial level awards.

The college/hospital fully utilizes its medical and social service responsibilities, and has established analysis and testing centers/testing centers, health management cadre training centers, medical and health institutions, etc. It is a chemical poisoning treatment base in Sichuan Province and Chengdu City, a occupational poisoning and nuclear radiation injury treatment base in Chengdu City, a chemical poisoning treatment drug reserve in Sichuan Province, and a Sichuan Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Hospital.

Based on the new stage of development, practicing new development concepts, and constructing a new development pattern, Sichuan University West China School of Public Health/West China Fourth Hospital is accelerating the construction of high-level public health colleges and high-quality development of hospitals, and walking out a new path of high-quality development with the characteristics of West China Public Health and West China Fourth Hospital, which includes the integration of party building and career, college and hospital, and business and operation, Contribute to the improvement of people's livelihood and quality of life!