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Students from our school participate in a language competition in Voronezh National Medical University


From April 9th to 12th, 2019, the international language week exchange event and the finals of medical language competitions were held in Voronezh State Medical University, Russia. Zeyuan Sun, a 2016 preventive medicine major from our hospital, went to Voronezh, Russia to participate in a 4-day exchange and competition.


At 11 o'clock on April 10th, International Language Week officially opened in the lecture hall of the new building of Voronezh Medical University. Prior to the opening ceremony, Mr. Alexander, the Vice President of Foreign Affairs of Voronezh Medical University, and Ms. Marina, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of China's visit, had a short welcome meeting for the participants from the China, which is followed by a ceremony of handing over souvenirs and taking a group photo.


(Group photo of President Alexander with the representatives from China)


The official opening ceremony of the conference was held in the lecture hall of the new building. The president of Alexandria and other school leaders made speeches. Several professors from the Czech Republic and Russia presented the results of their research on the role of language in medical students’ cultivation.

(Zeyuan Sun is giving a speech)


Zeyuan Sun gave a 10-minute presentation entitled "The contribution of West China School of Public Health on health education and international cultivation". After obtaining Russian permission, a 5-minute publicity video related to health education was broadcast.


The audiences were very engaged in his speech. At the end of the speech, the questioning session was very enthusiastic. Zeyuan Sun tried his best to provide detailed answers.


After the lecture, the Chinese players arrived at the main meeting to take a picture under the leadership of the Russian volunteers. The school leaders also came to the main meeting place to conduct a short ceremony to announce the end of the lecture.

(Group photo at the main entrance of the university after the seminar)


April 11th was the second competition day of the International Language Week. The representatives from China were invited to visit the school history museum and the attractions in Voronezh city, and listened to two lectures.


April 12th was the last day of the International Language Week. The Russian side held a grand award ceremony and cultural evening in the auditorium. Students from Voronezh Medical University and other participating universities performed wonderful songs and dances from the world. The representatives from all over the world took group photos and gave gifts to each other.


On April 13th, the exchange visit to Russia was finished. Zeyuan Sun, as the first student of the West China School of Public Health to participate in the finals of the event, on behalf of the hospital, established a brand-new friendship with representatives of Voronezh Medical University and other Russian universities. He also had in-depth communications with representatives from other medical universities.