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Our students participate in the 51st Asia-Pacific Public Health Academic Alliance Conference


From November 21st to 22nd, the 51st Asia-Pacific Public Health Academic Alliance Conference (APACPH) was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was jointly organized by the Asia-Pacific Public Health Academic Alliance and the School of Public Health of Mahidol University, Thailand. Teacher Zeng Xin from the teaching and training department of our college led 31 undergraduate students to the conference.

(The picture shows the group photo of teachers and students)


At 14:00 on November 20th, pre-conference training was held at the School of Public Health of Mahidol University. 31 undergraduates from our school participated in "Writing ans Publishing a Public Health Research Paper " course brought by Dr. Colin Binns. In the course, our students learned the key points, precautions, and writing skills of English thesis writing in the field of public health. They also learned about some English magazines in the field of public health. They also understood the screening requirements of the papers from the perspective of editors and has their own deeper understanding of publication.


At 8:30 on November 21, the opening ceremony officially started. Dr. Banchong Mahaisavariya, the Executive Chairman of Mahidol University and Chairman of the 51st APACPH Organizing Committee, and Dr. Wah-Yun Low, Chairman of the APACPH Conference, extended a warm welcome to the participants. Dr. Soranit Siltharm, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Scientific Research and Innovation of Thailand, delivered an opening speech and announced the official start of the conference.


This conference has two keynote sessions, including three keynote speeches. Dr. Stefanos Fotiou, member of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, made a report on the theme of "climate and environmental issues and human well-being", expounded the process of achieving the "zero carbon goal", and stressed the strengthening of international cooperation in various regions to reduce air pollution. Dr. Somsak Chunharas, former Deputy Minister of Public Health of Thailand, gave a keynote speech on "Ethics, Public Health and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", explained the content of SDGs and focused on the status and challenges of "good health and well-being". Dr. Banchong Mahaisavariya, Executive Chairman of Mahidol University of Thailand, introduced the Mahidol University of Sustainable Development and shared his blueprint for sustainable development.


The conference set up ten additional venues, which were divided into multiple thematic venues such as microbial resistance, non-communicable diseases, health policy, sustainable nutrition in the Asia-Pacific region, etc. A total of 36 special lectures were held. In addition, a total of 51 scholars reported and exchanged papers, and 266 scholars presented posters.


In the session “How to ensure healthy lives at all ages”, the speaker first introduced the health promotion methods of newborns and children and the main causes of child death in Thailand. This suggests that some diseases can be focused on. Intervention of children's health influencing factors for the purpose of disease prevention. Another speaker described the importance of formal and informal education for health. Education is also an important factor in health maintenance, but it is often overlooked. The speaker stated that it is possible to promote universal health starting with education for all.

(The picture shows the exchange between our students and Dr. Colin Binns)



(The picture shows our students listening carefully to the lectures of scholars)


Students from our college have listened carefully to thematic conferences and participated in various branch venues and dissertation reports according to their own scientific research interests. They have actively exchanged and discussed academics with scholars from various countries, and not only exercised their oral English, language expression and communication skills. At the same time, through this conference, our students learned the latest scientific research trends in the field of public health, gained a better understanding of the sustainable development goals in the field of public health, and broadened their academic horizons.


In addition, the conference hall has set up an exhibition area for academic and cultural exchanges of participants. The poster showed the latest research results of scholars from different fields. Research in the field of environmental health “Effects of carbon components exposed to particulates on lung function in healthy adults”; Research in emerging and recurrent infectious diseases “Treatment quality and prognosis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients in four provinces of China” Research in Mental Health "Relationship study between adolescent insomnia and gender in Taiwan"; Research in other fields "Research on perinatal mortality after the opening of the two-child policy in Zhejiang Province". Our students actively communicated and discussed with the poster authors. They learned about the current state of public health in different regions and the progress of scientific research in different fields, and learned a lot.



(The picture shows our students reading the exhibition board carefully)

(The picture shows our students try to weave the Elastic Band with the help of staff)

The closing ceremony of the conference was held at 15:30 local time on November 22, 2019. The Young Investigator Traveller Award (YITA), Excellent Oral Presentation Award, Excellent Poster, Popular Vote and other awards were presented. After the award, Professor Wang Hui, Dean of the School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, delivered a keynote speech on the health and sustainable development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Finally, Dr. Wah-Yun Low, the chairman of the APACPH conference, made a closing speech. The meeting ended successfully with a wonderful performance and a warm invitation from the next organizer.