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Dachuan Vision: 31 undergraduates from our school visited Mahidol University in Thailand


In order to expand the international perspective of undergraduate students and enhance their international cooperation and communication ability, with the strong support of the school and the university, 31 undergraduate students in our college successfully completed the exchange and learning tasks of Mahidol University in Thailand.

During the two-week study, the students were fortunate to participate in international academic conferences, and systematically learned about the Thai medical service system and related content in subsequent special lectures. They thought hard and made bold speeches in class, actively communicated with experts / professors after classes, showing the charm of students of Sichuan University.

 (Classmates silhouettes in class)

(Students are actively communicating with the teacher after class)


 (Students are discussing the group work)

In addition, the classmates visited the Thailand OPHET Office of Mahidol University and observed the traditional Thai medical treatment on the spot. Taking a patient as an example, Dr. Vanvisa introduced the characteristics of traditional Thai treatment to the students. Among them, the use of "chopsticks" (actually a wooden stick or iron stick specially made by Thai Medical) to relax the muscles aroused strong interest from the students. It is reported that the Thai Ministry of Health's annual expenditure for promoting the development of traditional medicine is about 130 million baht (about 30 million yuan). Provincial hospitals and rural hospitals have traditional Thai medical clinics or clinics. Patients can choose treatment with modern or traditional medicine. At present, traditional Thai medicine has become one of the important links in Thai health education and disease prevention.


 (Students are experiencing traditional Thai medicine treatment)

In addition, the students visited the Golden Affiliated Hospital of Mahidol University, Golden Jubilee. Golden Jubilee Hospital is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment hospital integrating western medicine, Thai medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy. The students visited out-patient department, general surgery department, otolaryngology department, trauma department and other out-patient department, applied Thai traditional medicine (TTM), and traditional Chinese medicine in turn, and understood the operating mechanism of the hospital, medical expenses and insurance reimbursement, and the allocation of inpatient areas.


 (A group photo with the teaching teacher of Golden Jubilee Hospital)


 (Dr. Mark is patiently explaining the basic theoretical knowledge of TTM to the students)

In the end, the "Dachuan Vision" exchange project of Mahidol University in Thailand ended in the group report. Based on what they learned during their studies in Thailand, the students shared and demonstrated the similarities and differences between the Chinese and Thai medical service systems, their experiences in participating in international academic conferences, and foreign cultural exchanges.


 (The presentation of students)


 (The group photo of all project studentsat the Faculty of Public Health of Mahidol University)